Bulk handling equipment for every operation

Siwertell systems can handle virtually all dry bulk cargoes and include ship unloaders, road-mobile ship unloaders, ship loaders, mechanical, pneumatic and aeroslide conveying systems, storage solutions and complete plant and terminal designs and deliveries.

Siwertell’s market-leading technology can be found across the world from single road-mobile units operating at multiple ports to large-scale unloaders serving critical power-generating installations. See examples of systems in operation >>


Ship unloaders

Siwertell totally-enclosed screw-type unloaders lead the way in efficiency, performance and environmental protection. Continuous operation delivers excellent through-ship capacity for virtually any dry bulk material. Read more >>


Road-mobile ship unloaders

Siwertell offers three sizes of off-the-shelf road-mobile unloaders. These versatile machines are the ideal solution for operators looking for flexible, reliable and efficient unloading solutions for smaller vessels and barges. Read more >>


Ship loader

All Siwertell loaders are individually designed to perfectly suit their operational requirements. Siwertell has delivered systems with loading capacities up to 4,500t/h and it can design and deliver higher capacity loaders if required. Read more >>


Conveying systems

Trouble-free dry bulk handling operations depend on optimum conveying arrangements. The smooth and efficient transport of bulk materials demands versatile, reliable, environmentally-friendly conveying equipment that can be relied on for excellent, long-term performance. Read more >>


Bulk terminal solutions

Siwertell’s range of totally-enclosed conveyors offers the ideal solution for all types of dry bulk cargo. With a number of conveying technologies in its portfolio, Siwertell delivers conveyors for all situations, ranging from dedicated single-commodity terminals, right through to complex dry bulk cargo hubs requiring a mix of conveying products. Read more >>

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