18 years of daily operations

Hermasa Navegação da
Amazõnia SA, owned by the
Brazilian Amaggi Group, has
been using a Siwertell screw-type
ST-790-M unloader and a Siwertell
belt loader for eighteen years on its floating
transhipment terminal at Itacoatiara on
the Amazon River in Brazil.

The terminal
allows smooth, efficient movement of soya
beans and corn to south eastern ports,
independent of the country’s road system.
Bulk loads arriving in barges from
Porto Velho on the Madeira River are
conveyed to an intermediate storage facility
ashore, or loaded directly into vessels for
onward transportation.

Commercial operations began in April
1997 and since then the equipment has
been in almost daily operation, handling
the annual throughput of between 2.6 and
2.8 million metric tons of beans and corn.
Taking about two hours to unload a
barge containing 2,000t, the unloader
operates for roughly 2,600 hours each year,
while the loader operates for about 1,200

siwertell maintenance

Challenges of the rain forest

Despite its location in the middle of
the rain forest, with adverse conditions
such as high humidity, strong sunshine and
high winds, the Siwertell equipment has
proved to be very robust, giving Hermasa
confidence that it will have a long service
life, says Terminal Supervisor Jander
Santos. “The Siwertell systems functioned
correctly right from the start of operations.
“We chose Siwertell because of its
practicality, reliability, efficiency, low
energy costs, high capacity and low dust

In recent years four other companies with
Amazonian terminals have followed the
Amaggi Group’s lead and ordered Siwertell
ship unloaders for their grain operations.
Regular maintenance and
PLC upgrade ensure reliable operations

Maintenance Manager Paulo Paes says
Hermasa carries out its own maintenance,
including changing screws, wear tubes and
plates and overhauling hydraulic systems,
sometimes with assistance from a Siwertell
supervisor. In a 2014 upgrade, Hermasa
replaced the PLC to bring the specification
up to the current standard.

Choose an excellent option

Considering the possibility of future
developments, Terminal Manager Daniel
Mulati says Siwertell systems will always
be an excellent option. “To any terminal
operator thinking of buying equipment and
services from Siwertell, I say; go ahead, it is
very reliable and Siwertell’s personnel are
committed to their business.”

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